NSTMF Founder George Rathmann at 1995 National Medals Celebration

To our visitors

A letter to our visitors from the NSTMF

Dear Visitor,

For the past 25 years, our Foundation’s mission has been to honor the Laureates of the National Medal of Science and the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. These Laureates are America’s best and brightest. They are responsible for cutting edge technologies, life-saving discoveries, and insights that have changed our daily lives.

With this new website we are bringing these inspiring contributions and life stories into the public view for all to experience and enjoy.

An American woman invented Kevlar and, as result, thousands of lives were saved. Two Americans developed the protocols that make the Internet work and fundamentally changed how we live.  Two Americans were integral to the discovery of the HPV vaccine and gave us an invaluable tool to prevent a dreaded disease. Who are these people? Explore our website and find out. 

Every one of the Laureates should be understood not only as a STEM champion but as a person, too. It is through this site we can do that, it is through this site Americans will have the opportunity to not only understand the technology behind an invention like the Polaroid camera, but also to uncover the unique story about the fellow American who brought us that groundbreaking technological advancement.

The site you see today is just the beginning.  We still have hundreds of Laureates who need their own “Profile" biographies. We have entire classes of Laureates who need their own biopics. Our “Timeline” is completely customizable and we would like to add modifiers to the filter system. The “Stories” section will expand monthly with engaging content that will capture the imagination of our visitors.

Ultimately we want this site to be the forum, where visitors can explore, understand, and experience engaging, relevant, and accessible content about the Laureates and their lives.

Our founder, George Rathmann, the first CEO of Amgen, believed that not only did these Laureates deserve national recognition for their ground-breaking accomplishments but their own personal stories could serve as valuable points of inspiration for future generations of STEM leaders. This site is a modern manifestation of this bold vision. We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to bring this information to you. But we need your help. Our site can only grow with generous donations from people, associations, and companies.  We hope you will join us on this amazing journey of inspiration and discovery. Please contact us as soon as possible to get involved.


The National Science and Technology Medals Foundation