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Backing Breakthroughs: The Story of the HPV Vaccine and the Future of Scientific Discovery

A joint program between Carnegie Institute for Science and the NSTMF

HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer and kills more than 250,000 women around the world each year. The HPV vaccine, available thanks to the efforts of Drs. John Schiller and Douglas Lowy, can now prevent the devastating disease. What does it take to create this type of breakthrough in science? And how can we ensure that the scientists who are working on today’s biggest challenges have the resources they need to change the world?

For this joint program between Carnegie Science and the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation, Dr. Schiller, a 2012 National Medal recipient, will speak about the development of the HPV vaccine. Following his presentation, Dr. Schiller will join a panel of experts moderated by AAAS Visiting Scholar Kei Koizumi for a discussion about the processes that drive scientific breakthroughs.


Dr. John Schiller
Distinguished Investigator, National Institutes of Health; National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipient

Dr. Devaki Bhaya
Staff Scientist, Department of Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution for Science

Dr. John Spiro
Deputy Science Director, Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative

Dr. Kei Koizumi
Visiting Scholar in science policy, AAAS

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